I Fell In Love

I used to think that I would never fall in love. The whole concept of being in love seemed strange to me. I also hated the idea of giving my all to someone and not getting anything in return. However, my idea of love changed one year ago. I met someone who changed my life for the better.

I went to a concert and had a good time. I was really enjoying the music and a saxophone player Manchester caught my eye. Not only was I intrigued by his music, but his smile intrigued me. I knew that I had to speak to him after the concert was over. I am so glad that I did. We exchanged numbers and went out the next day. We have been going out ever since. We knew early on that we were right for each other.

Be Fit and Feel Fantastic

Now it’s time to get fit and lose those ugly, unnecessary pounds. I am going to start an exercise program first and try to watch what I eat. It’s tiring to walk around feeling like I always have an extra person attached to my body. This is getting uncomfortable.

If you feel like me, take some advice from a novice. There’s no need to try too hard when you’re just starting out on your fitness agenda. Do some exercise. If you have time, take a good walk every day. Even if that walk is only for fifteen or twenty minutes, it’s still giving you a fitness benefit. You can think about joining a gym and taking advantage of a Manchester thai massage while you’re there.

When it’s time to eat, try to put less food on that plate. Also, give up some of those fattening snacks during the day and in the evening. Try snacking on rice cakes, pretzels and fruits instead of potato chips and soft drinks. After some time, you can accomplish even greater things.

My Son’s Choice

My son has always been a quiet kid and I have wondered since the time that he was young just what kind of a job he would choose for himself. Recently he got hired for his first job, and I was curious to see just how he would do. My son chose to be a part of an event staff London and to help out where needed as events took place. I was a little nervous to see him doing this because of the fact that he is so quiet and he doesn’t really like to interact with people, but so far he is doing good with the job that is before him. He is working hard and he is pleasing his employers. I am proud of the boy that I have raised and the job that he is doing.

Girls Day Out!

On Saturday, I left the kids at home with my husband to enjoy a day out with my girl-friends. We had breakfast at this little place off Main Street, including pancakes, even two of us are dieting. They were awesome!

After that, we went shopping, early enough to beat the crowds, looking for an interview ensemble for Rebecca and a bag for me that’s big enough for my tablet, but doesn’t look like a grocery bag. The boutiques had nothing for us, so we hit the department stores and score! We both walked out with what we wanted…and a few other things.

Afterward, we wanted to do something relaxing, but a bit different than just getting a pedicure. Dana suggested facials, but Rebecca had the better idea. We ended up getting a Liverpool thai massage that was fantastic!

Then we met our husbands at the new Italian place for a yummy dinner to finish the day.

Crystal Clear Green Cleaning

It’s quite possible that the biggest and latest trend in green living and our environment-friendly geared culture is recycled glass media and it’s uses. Most commonly used in it’s crushed form, it is 100% recycled bottle glass and is used as an engineered “sandblasting” media. It is an excellent cleaning material and abrasive approved for use by numerous state and federal government agencies and military branches. The benefits of use of recycled crushed glass media are widely ranging. Not only is in completely eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, but it is health conscious as well. Crushed glass media completely eliminated the health risk of airborne carcinogens. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic and inert so it is safe for use around water. It is commonly silica free and when used in sandblasting, produces better results than traditional materials. All in all, crushed glass recycled material is an excellent material for many uses.

Why Is Grandpa So Happy?

Every family has it’s traditions, those things you do every year without really knowing why. In my family it’s St. Valentine’s Day. From as far back as I can remember my family has always gathered on that day for the Annual St. Valentine’s Day Variety Show. Everyone was required to participate whether they had talent or not, Uncle Jack would always juggle and Grandma Amy sang Amazing Grace. This year’s event was to be extra special as we would all be welcoming my brother’s new wife and her four year old daughter, Lizzie, to the family.

My brother called me the next day to ask for my help. Lizzie kept saying grandpa’s smile was broken and he didn’t understand what she meant. When I asked her, she said whenever anyone talked to him he had to put his finger in his ear to make his smile work. I explained to my brother that what she saw was grandpa adjusting the volume on his hearing aids Stockport. He always turns them off during the variety show and just smiles at everyone. We let Lizzie color him a get well card anyway.

Quartz Epoxy Resin

As a contractor I have a lot of fine cracks to fill. So I started using silica flour, you may know it as Quartz. The other day Lady asked. “why do your have to wear a mask while mixing Silica into the resin.” So I told them. “Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe as long as it’s not inhaled. Otherwise it can lead to serious health issues but once it dries you won’t be able to inhale it.” They seemed happy with this answer so I continued my work. A few minutes later with a small trash bag of toothpaste and soaps so I asked. “What are you doing with all that?” She held out the trash bag. “Its all the stuff I have with Silica in it, I’m worried I’ll inhale it so feel free to use them on other projects.” I smiled catching the sarcasm. Since then I’ve been thinking about what she said and how much we ingest through everyday items. It made me start thinking if swallowing toothpaste with Silica in it lead to current health issues, maybe I don’t really need to wear a mask at this point.